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10 Ways to Save Money in New York City

New York can be extremely expensive but, there are a lot of ways that you can save a buck and still have a great time. There are tons of events and things to do that are absolutely free, and then there are things that are not free but, you can still get it at a bargain price. From hotels to museums to restaurants that offer you awesome deals, we have it all and continue to grow this list.

Here are 10 things that we’ve come up with to help you enjoy New York City on a budget.


1. You can catch a cab ride anywhere in the city but, walking and taking the subway are a great way to see so much more. Tips to making the subway or bus work for you:

SingleRide tickets are $2.50 and if you choose to refill the card, make sure you you break even.

Consider an unlimited card that can be used for the subway or bus.

7-Day Unlimited Pass
Cost: $29

30-Day Unlimited Ride MetroCard
Cost: $104

7-Day Express Bus Plus MetroCard
Cost: $50

2. Shop for food at outdoor markets: Union Square’s Greenmarket is a big favorite.

3. Many museums in the city are free or offer a “pay as you wish’ policy which means there is no set price for entry, it is based on what you would like to offer.

4. Take advantage of coupons and flyers that offer discounts for entry into clubs and comedy shows.

5. There are many places in the city that offer free internet service including a number of parks, libraries and even Apple Stores that will give you free access to the web.

6. There are a growing number of  hotels and accommodations that are popping up just outside the city that will save you money as well as give you more amenities for less. Brooklyn has launched a few boutique hotels that have already turned some heads outside the city with their fine decor and gourmet food. For those of you who are traveling in a  large group, it may be wise to consider a vacation rental.

7. Find gourmet prix-fixe lunches around the city and stay tuned in to Big Time City to find out when the next restaurant week will be coming up.  This summers restaurant week ended on September 5.

8. Window shop to your heart’s content; then check out the almost-real-looking knockoffs lining Canal Street. You can get designer purses, perfume, t-shirts, watches and much more.

9. Pay half-price for theater tickets at the TKTS booth in Times Square, South Street Seaport and Downtown Brooklyn. You can’t order online so just check the schedule and head on down in person.

10. Shop at sample sales and get designer fashion for much less.


Looking for more ways to enjoy New York City on a budget, contact us.