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Mobile App NY: American Museum of Natural History Explorer

Plan where you want to go in an organized manner when visiting the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. This app will be your personal tour guide to navigating the muesum and will give you turn-by-turn directions through the world famous halls. It can lead you to exhibits, cafés and restrooms.

You can create a list of favorite exhibits, specimens, or artifcats to tour. You will also have the ability to share your tour with friends so that they can enjoy what you’ve discovered. Of course there is a great social aspect to this app that allows you to link directly to your Facebook and Twitter profiles. Compatible with iPhone® or iPod® touch. The museums has great WiFi connectivity so you are all set. This app is FREE.

If you do not have your own phone, no need to worry, there are 300 devices that can be borrowed from the Museum at no charge at the Explorer desk in the Theodore Roosevelt Rotunda on the second floor.

You can use the App to:

  • Create customized tours
  • Link directly to Facebook and Twitter
  • Find your current location within the Museum and navigate using the digital floor plan
  • See opening times and directions to the Museum plus information about key events




Have fun!