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Jewish Film Festival

New York Sephardic Jewish Film Festival

The 16th annual Sephardic Jewish Film Festival will take place March 15- 22. The festival, that offers a unique look into the worldview and history of Sephardic Jews both in America and abroad, was the first Jewish film festival in New york City.
Its goal:

“to illuminate the scope of the Sephardic experience; to raise the consciousness of the American Jewish, and non-Jewish, community to a better understanding of Sephardic Jewry; and to present, through the medium of film, the history, literature, poetry, music, dance, customs and traditions of the Sephardic world.”

16th New York Sephardic Jewish Film Festival Schedule
March 15- 22
Thursday, March 15
Free Men (Les Hommes Libres) 99 Mins.
Opening Night 7:30pm Reception Folllows

Saturday, March 17
8:15pm My Lovely Sister 91 Mins.
10:00pm Obsession 94 Mins.

Sunday, March 18
12:30pm The Farhud 20 Mins.
1:30pm Panel Dicussion Featuring A Screening Of
The Last Jews Of Libya 50 Mins.
3:30pm Balkan Jewry & The Holocaust:
Three Promises: The Story Of The
Kalefs Of Belgrade 18 Mins.
Shown With Empty Boxcars 82 Mins.
6:30pm History’s Ultimate Nomads 97 Mins.
8:30pm Festival Classic Three Mothers 106 Mins.

Monday, March 19
6:30pm Mabul 101 Mins.
8:30pm Little Simico’s Big Fantasy 91 Mins.

Tuesday, March 20
3:30pm 400 Miles To Freedom 60 Mins.
7:00pm Festival Highlight! Tinghir, Echoes
From The Mellah: The Rediscovery
Of A Judeo-Berber Culture 52 Mins.
Shown With Ifrane 2011: First Holocaust
Conference In The Arab World20 Mins.
At The Jcc 7:30pm The Last Jews Of Libya 50 Mins.

Wednesday, March 21
3:30pm Mabul 101 Mins.
6:30pm 400 Miles To Freedom 60 Mins.
8:30pm Obsession 91 Mins.

Thursday, March 21
Iraq N’ Roll 52 Mins.

Closing Night 7:00PM Live Performance and Reception follow

All screenings will take place at the Center for Jewish History and The JCC in Manhattan. A festival pass is $95 for all non members.

Center for Jewish History
15 West 16th Street
New York, NY 10011

The JCC in Manhattan
Film screenings March 20
344 Amsterdam Avenue
@ 76th Street, NY, NY

For Tickets
Phone: 212.868.4444