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Voca People Tickets

Get tickets at a great price to see the Intergalactic Entertainers Voca People at The Westside Theatre. Here’s your chance to see White-clad, red-lipped aliens with pitch-perfect harmonies perform their hilarious musical comedy. The off-broadway show has received great reviews that are well deserved. No sound effects are used during the show, it’s all pure vocal talent. Its hard to believe that there are no real live intruments being played when they hit you with songs from Michael Jackson, Eurythmics and Nirvana.  Its a fun show that features truly talented vocalists!

Check them out on You Tube and get a preview of what you can expect at  a Voca People  show.

Original ticket prices are $79.50 but when you become a member of Goldstar, you can purchase tickets for $25 – $39.50.



The Westside Theatre-Upstairs
407 West 43rd Street
New York City, NY 10036
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