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The Holiday Shops at Bryant Park

The Holiday Shops at Bryant Park are open and will remain until January 8. Entering its tenth season, the European inspired open market has 120 vendors that offer everything from clothing to jewelry, health & beauty, food,  arts and households gifts. The shops which are located around Citi Pond, feature many unique artisans with wares that come from all over the world.

Bryant Park is a New York City Scenic Landmark, that is full of activity during the holiday season. The park includes plush gardens, several restaurants, holiday shops, Citi Pond, Le Carrousel and beautiful landscapes.

Take in World class shopping in an Urban Oasis!

Bryant Park Vendor Map and Guide









A01 – Cell Phone Fun D01 – Aroma Espresso Bar
A02 – Yunka Mini Clocks D02 – Sapphire Glow
A03 – Today’s Luxury D03 – KTCollection NYC Jewelry
A04 – Hats Fan D04 – Silly Puppets
A06 – Diggity Diggity Dog D05 – BrooklynMade
D06 – Jessica DeCarlo Jewelry
B01 – Grace Oliver D07 – Neuhaus Belgian Chocolatier
B02 – 5th & Madison D08 – Bergies Super Socks
B03 – Grand Bazaar D09 – Down on the Farm
B04 – White Llama D10 – Crepe Café
B05 – India & Purry/Photo – Designs
B06 – Daisy’s Grits E01 – Two Angels
B07 – Eda & Betty By: Nicole Massarelli E02 – Himalayan Artwear
B08 – Clazzi & Qool E03 – Vikolya
B09 – Dekco E04 – Ireland in Prints
B10 – NYC Touch E05 – Friction Jewelry
E06 – H.A. Dunne & Co.
C01 – Shea Moisture E07 – Santa’s Workshop
C02 – SOVL
C03 – Sand and Water Creations in Glass F01 – Mmm…Enfes
C04 – Dolma F02 – Vegetarian Oasis
C05 – Paintings by Yvoni F03 – Wafels & Dinges
C06 – Donna C Designs F04 – The Stone Flower
C07 – Pickle Me Pete F05 – The NYC Police Museum
C08 – Field Station: Dinosaurs F06 – HH & Company
C09 – Bora F07 – Creative Letter Art
C10 – Kettle Corn NYC F08 – Scent in a Basket™
F09 – NYC Subways circa 1980
G01 – Metal Park F10 – JuLi Ra Design
G02 – G & G Connection F11 – Naughty & Nice
G03 – St. Petersburg Collections F12 – Handsome Howard
G04 – Ninova
G05 – Mladen’s Silver Jewelry H01 – Organic Wares
G06 – Northern Tribe NY H02 – Potterylady
G07 – Trollbeads H03 – Elementem Art & Design
G08 – Ruffluv H04 – Vivi Sun Jewelry
G09 – The Walking Art H05 – Engage Green
G10 – Vintage H06 – Made from Coins
H07 – Kumani Essentials
I01 – Ooh La La Boutiques H08 – G & N NY
I02 – Max Brenner H09 – Mozarepa
I03 – Big Apple Cider H10 – Sumaq Design
I04 – Dumpling Soup House H11 – Pink Cloud Gallery
I05 – Sophie’s
J01 – Sabon K01 – Animated Closet
J02 – Arm Candy by Nahui Ollin K02 – Country Herbs
J03 – Momo Glassworks K03 – Studio Manhattan
J04 – Kizmet Yogawear Productions
J05 – Little Village Crafts K04 – Mariasch Studios
J06 – Seasonal Illuminations K05 – MariePierre Fine Jewelry
J07 – Wonder Warmers Collection
J08 – Lucid New York K06 – BearHands & Buddies
J09 – Animal Paradise K07 – Molton Brown
J10 – Cala Design K08 – Dazzle Studios
J11 – Art + Design K09 – j-wave
J12 – Dynomighty K10 – The Artisans of New York
J13 – Miss Tea K11 – No Chewing Allowed!
K12 – Kate Laine Jewelry
L01 – Historical Research Center L07 – New West Knifeworks
L02 – The North Pole L08 – Kashmir Moon
L03 – Mistura Timepieces L09 – The Raw Art
L04 – Dr. Sofskin’s Body Lotion L10 – Exotic Handmade Jewlery
Candles L11 – It’s Always Christmas in NY
L05 – Daniela Zagnolli L12 – United Leather
L06 – Helen’s Gems L13 – Winter Sense

Bryant Park Holiday Shops
Open from Oct. 27 – Jan.8
Sixth Avenue at 42nd Street
Citi Pond is in the center of the Holiday Shops
Map it

Holiday Shop Hours
Map of the Market
M-F: 11am – 8pm
Sat: 10am – 9pm
Sun: 10am – 6pm