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Masskrugstemmen in Central Park at The Steuben Parade

The German American parade kicked off a month long event of Oktoberfest. Masskrugstemmen in Central Park was a fun event that brought back an old Bavarian tradition. “Masskrugstemmen,” which translates loosely to the lifting of a liter mug of beer. The “Masskrug,” a 1 Liter Stein which is held with one arm completely stretched out and parallel to the floor. Whoever holds their arm out the longest is the winner.

This years Masskrugstemmen at the Steuben Parade in Central Park included the Grand Marshal Samantha Brown of the Travel Channel who happened to beat some of the burly men in the competition.

There are still many Oktberfest events in the city and more Masskrugstemmen competition to be had. Test your arm and mental stregnth and jump in there. Check out more Oktoberfest at Zum Schneider, Das Best Oktoberfest and Bierhaus.

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