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Daily Deal: Wine Education Class

Today’s Daily Deal is about learning the art of wine. Having the ability to know what the color, aroma, flavor, and body of wine is and to understand it, is like an art form not to mention knowing the concepts like dryness, acidity, fruitiness, tannins, varietals and vintages. It may seem like a lot of things to know and you are right. With today’s daily deal, you can take a 2 hour wine class valued at $99 for only $34 and learn all about these things. The class will be taught by American Bartenders School in their Chelsea location.

Highlights of the deal:

  • $99 value for $34
  • Teacher has over 43 years of experience teaching about wines
  • Understand the basics of wine types
  • Learn about tools, proper glassware, the basics of wine and food pairings
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American Bartenders School
252 W 29th St Fifth Floor
New York, NY 10001
Phone: 800.532.9222
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