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Tech Stop NY: Tablet PC’s not iPad

New York is all about convenience and a Tablet PC is a perfect into the everyday lives of it’s hustle and bustle. Tablet PC’s are the new thing and why not, riding the subway with a book and flipping pages pales in comparison to being able to just have it all in front of your face. With the ability to just pull out your tablet in parks and subways, the Tablet PC is steadily rising in popularity. With sections of New York opening up to FREE WIFI, finding yourself the right Tablet is key. If you decided to go up against the iPad, here are a few that are trying to stand up to its very big brother.

1. T-Mobile G Slate (Android Honeycomb)
8.9 inch screen
1.37 pounds and half an inch thick
Made by LG
3-D Camcorder
Can view 4G files
Price: $530 and up with 2 year contract

2. Acer Iconia Tab A500(Android Honeycomb)
10.1 inch screen
HDMI out
Front and rear facing camera
Nvidia dual-core processor
Rear facing speakers
Price $450 and up

3. Blackberry PlayBook (Android Honeycomb)
15.2 ounces
Rubber backing gives it an industrial feel
7 inch screen
Excellent speakers
Wireless tethering to Blackberry phones
Price: $500 and up

Viewsonic ViewPad10

Dual boot
2USB ports
2GB of RAM
MS Office programs can be installed
10 inches
1 pound 14 ounces
Price: $580 and up