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2011 Hispanic Day Parade NYC Photo’s

The Hispanic Day Parade was full of colors, music, and a lot of culture. The parade which lasted a little over 4 hours was super entertaining and fun for the thousands of spectators that came out to watch the parade make its way up 5th avenue.

The parade had cultural participants from all Spanish speaking countries that included Argentina,Bolivia,Chile,Colombia,Costa Rica,Cuba,Dominican Republic,Ecuador,El Salvador,Guatemala,Honduras,Mexico,Nicaragua,Panama,Paraguay,Peru,Puerto Rico,Spain,United States,Uruguay,and Venezuela.  The Hispanics proudly and colorfully displayed their culture through  floats, marching bands, dancers, musicians, customized cars and more.

There were hundreds of photo’s and video’s that were taken during the parade and we’ve got some of them here for you to enjoy!

Check out some of the video’s on You Tube and Flickr for more coverage of the 2011 Hispanic Day Parade in NYC.