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The Low Line Underground Park in NYC

The “Low Line” underground park is a project that is being developed by architects Dan Barasch and James Ramsey. Their plan to turn an abandoned trolley terminal on the Lower East Side of Manhattan into an underground park is awaiting approval from more than a dozen city and planning authorities before it becomes reality.

The Delancy Underground space is 60,000 square feet, or 1.5 acres–nearly the size of Gramercy Park. The trolley terminal which is located beneath Delancey St. between Essex St. and the entrance to the Williamsburg Bridge, was built in 1903 and was used for streetcars that travelled over the bridge. It’s been out of operation since 1948.

Barasch and Ramsey hope to use cutting edge technology to create a system of optics to gather sunlight to reflect light underground to grow plants, trees, and grassy area’s. The Delancey Underground project envisions a year-round programming series, art exhibitions, farmers’ markets and educational series.

New York City is known to have one of the most iconic skylines in the world but, in a place that is as densely populate as Manhattan, a park that would take advanatage of the space under the city, just might work.

The Mark Miller Gallery will present a preview of the “LowLine” park  in an exhibit entitled “Let there be light”. It will be open from April 1 – 29.

The image is a rendering from RAAD Studio.