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MTA Metrocard how to break even

Are you one of those people that by a pay-as-you-go Metrocard for the subway and never break even? If so, we’ve figured out the right amount that you need to spend so that when you purchase a ride for $2.25, you can break even.

The reason you always have left over money on your card is because the MTA adds a bonus of 7 percent to any purchase of $10 or more. Unfortunately, this always leaves you with left over change on your card.

In order to not have that happen, here is how much money you need to spend to break even.

Spend Card Shows Rides Obtained
$38.75 $38.25 17
$37.85 $40.50 18
$39.95 $42.75 19
$71.50 $76.50 34
$73.60 $78.75 35
$75.70 $81.00 36
$77.80 $83.25 37